Lincolnshire CVS and Voluntary Centre Services have formed a partnership to deliver a new single point of access volunteering information website for Lincolnshire.

The organisations, which operate Lincolnshire's 7 accredited Volunteer Centres, secured funding for a new Lincolnshire Volunteering website from the Transform Foundation; a charity consortium aiming to improve the digital presence of charities across the UK. 

The new website,, will host a live, searchable volunteering opportunities database, self help tools for community groups, advice and support for volunteers and most importantly, contact information for the real people who deliver services in our local communities. Visitors to the site will also be able to find training sessions and local events, read the latest news from the Voluntary Sector and promote third sector job vacancies, for a small fee. 

Speaking about the partnership project, Chief Executive at Voluntary Centre Services Ben Barley said 

"Our organisations are really excited to be working collaboratively on this project and we hope it will help to increase access to local volunteering opportunities and increasing the number of volunteers we support through our Volunteer Centres”

Heather Arnatt, Area Coordinator for Voluntary Centre Services West Lindsey said "We know that people in Lincolnshire want to volunteer, and we need to improve that journey for them. Prospective volunteers don't want to access three different Volunteer Centres for advice and support, they just need to be able to find the information they want quickly and easily."

The site, which will launch in July 2017, will also provide information about micro-volunteering; a new approach to volunteering which allows volunteers to offer just 20 seconds of their time to make a difference to the local community. 

Visit the new site to find out more.