Volunteering is a usually a positive experience and should be something you enjoy, but occasionally things don't quite work out.

If you're a volunteer and you encounter a problem, the first step is to speak with your manager or supervisor about it. Raise the issue calmly and try to suggest ways that it can be resolved. 

If you are working with volunteers and encounter a problem, most things can be dealt with by discussing it with the volunteer/s concerned and working together to find a way to deal with the issue. For certain situations your organisation may have specific procedures that should be followed (for example if it's a safeguarding issue).

Perhaps you've tried to resolve a volunteering issue within your organisation but aren't satisfied with the outcome? We may be able to help you with information and guidance on what to do next.

If you'd like to to speak to someone about how to resolve a problem with volunteering, please get in touch with your nearest Volunteer Centre.