Submit your job vacancy

Job vacancy listings are welcomed from any community group, not for profit organisation or registered charity.

Roles can be listed for the duration of the application period for a fixed fee of £5.
Each vacancy must be listed separately.

Roles must take place within Lincolnshire.

We do not accept job listings for:
- Volunteering opportunities (use the volunteering section for this)
- Activities which do not have a community/voluntary sector focus
- Roles which do not comply with standard UK employment legislation.
- Vacancies which close within 7 days of listing (for administrative reasons)

You are responsible for the content of your listing. Please check carefully as it may not be possible to amend the listing after submission. Erroneous listings will still be charged and may not be refunded.

On completion of this form you’ll be taken to an online payment submission form. We’re sorry but we’re unable to accept any other forms of payment for job listings.